Aug 272010

Yesterday I had the excellent opportunity to meet with Jim Clark of Junction City, Kansas and interview him about his exquisitely restored 1939 Waco EGCH “Custom Cabin”. Jim and his airplane are the third owner/airplane of the next movie I am doing which I hope to have completed by the first of November. This movie is about Classic and Antique Airplanes. All 6 of these pictures are “screen grabs” from my raw footage.

The Big Bird Emerges

Here we see the shining masterpiece in motion as it emerges from its hangar.

The business end "comin' atcha"

The Wright Whirlwind.

Jim maneuvers the big Waco into place on the lush green runway

We did the interview and “walk-around” of the aircraft against the rolling hills that rim Freeman Field.

Jim discusses the research and detail that went into perfecting the painted CAA logo

Besides the exquisite attention to detail shown in the restoration of the Civil Aeronautics Authority logo, I like the fact that this shot shows you care Jim has taken to keep the fabric waxed and shined. His reflection is like in a glass mirror.

The Waco Custom Cabin is known as a sesquiplane and looks good from any angle

If you want to learn what a sesquiplane is you will have to wait for my movie or look it up yourself. HINT: It has to do with the wings.

Waco Fly-By

Here the Waco is in its natural element.

I’ll keep you posted as this new movie project progresses

Blue Skies & Tailwinds • Brian FitzGerald