Jan 232013

  4 Responses to “Montebello Winter Weekend Rendezvous – 2013”

  1. Good Morning Brian,
    just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your website contents and your frequent emails. At least twice each week, I pull up your site to look at yet another interesting story. This always gets my day started
    with renewed creative energy.

    Thanks for sharing, Brian,
    and I hope your engine installation is well on its way to help you enjoy another active Summer of flight.


    Dale Krebbs
    Charter Marketing


    • Dear Dale,
      I’m glad you like these things because they take a lot of time to produce.
      I have one more “read through” of my engine rebuild tome before it is ready for prime time.
      The best thing I have learned to do is re-read everything I write no less than twice and preferably 3 times.
      I believe that discipline has improved my writing dramatically.
      Since I just posted O’Malley’s poster, though, I will wait a day or so to post my engine story.
      It is easy to inflict “email fatigue” on one’s mailing list if one is not careful…
      Also, soon I will be releasing a “Tribute to Aviation” music video featuring a song I wrote a couple of years ago.
      In addition to playing the parts, I sang in it.
      I may get that out Saturday or Sunday.
      By the way, that motorcycle picture on your website with the girl upper right is fantastic (as are many others).
      Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™

  2. Forgive me if I sent this link before. It is a bridge that is being
    replaced near us in St Charles, MO but what is cool is the way he was
    able to capture the action and put it all together. I’m sure you’ll
    appreciate what he can do and want to visit his website too. He is
    using a model quadcopter with a (i think GoPro) HD camera attached.
    Toward the end of the bridge video you can catch a glimpse of it from
    the camera on the shore.



    Looking forward to “seeing” your progress/process on the engine
    install on Sky Surfing soon!


    • Dear John,
      Nice to hear from you.
      That Quad seems very stable. I wonder if he is using any kind of additional stabilization on the camera itself.
      It looks like they picked a windless day, too.
      It really makes for a beautiful tracking shot.
      I guess I’ll have to get me one now, too…
      I am within minutes of finishing my epic piece about the MXL rebuild.
      I’ll put it up in a day or so.
      You’ll be the first to know!
      Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™