Aug 202010

A little after I had Steve Ewing update my MXL to a “+” (June 2007) I invited Captain Doug Moler to come out to the field and see it and watch it fly. Moler retired from Continental Airlines a couple years back and has a gazillion hours in all sorts of planes including almost the entire Boeing line of airliners. He brought his lovely wife Sabrina along but no camera so I handed him my little pocket cam and he snapped off a few. I think they turned out great.

Pulling MXL out of hangar

I like this shot because it has a “news-like”, action quality. Note the demonstration of my multi-tasking ability as I pull the plane out of the hangar while simultaneously putting earplugs in. In the background you can see my 1991 V-12 750il BMW that I have since sold and replaced with a 2004 Mini Cooper S. (Remember. When you buy a Mini, you aren’t just buying a car… You are joining a cult)

My current All Time Favorite Ultralight Picture

I use this on my DVD & Blu-ray covers. It is simply brilliant.

My Second Favorite All Time Best Ultralight Photo

I call this one “Rising to the Challenge” as you will note I am climbing at an extreme angle to duel with an intruder afar.

The Butterfly and the Anvil

We get these cloud formations all the time out here in Kansas.

Low Pass

Straight and Level

Straight and Level

Note the beloved 750il in the background again.

A Happy Brian with his new MXL+

Blue Skies & Tailwinds!

Brian FitzGerald