Jul 222013

Here’s one I photo-ed that you don’t see too often? Built in 1940, it’s a Harlow, one of only six built!

Below, the CALL-AIR looks like a cross between two other types but I can’t decide which two? This one was a working unit for the  State of Wyoming and crashed. It was sent back to the factory, and as opposed to being rebuilt as such, was “re-manufactured” using the original construction jigs.  I asked the Arkansas pilot about the odd ‘pants’. He said the plane was used a lot in cattle country and the ‘different’ looking pants kept cattle dung from being thrown up through the ‘rag’ wings. The bucking bronco on the vertical stabilizer was the company emblem.

Bob Punch


  3 Responses to “Two Rare Birds by Bob Punch”

  1. Great aircraft…and great photos. Love the antiques. Where did Bob find these?



    • Dear Dale,
      Yes, they are very pleasing to the eye in general. I shot some movies of the same Call-Air in Oklahoma last year.
      I know Bob shot the Call-Air at Blakesburg, Iowa.
      I would assume the Harlow was shot there, too, but cannot say for sure.
      Blue Skies & Tailwinds!™

  2. Hi Brian !
    The call air pictured has what appears to be a wood prop bit it isn’t , it is a metal prop painted up exactly like a wood scensinich wood prop ( alot of work ) you couldn’t tell the difference till ya tapped on it ! I seen it at blakesburg a few years back ! Take care Brian !
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