About The Flight Blog


This is a Flight Blog. It is designed for flyers and aviation aficionados to put descriptions of fun flights, fly-ins, pictures and discussions of neat airplanes – basically anything about aviation – up for friends to see. Anything that flies is welcome – fixed wing, soft wing, spinning wing, no wing (keep it “mechanical” please – no birds). Please post your pix and thoughts and encourage others to contribute also.

TO REGISTER AN ACCOUNT: Go to the bottom of any post and attempt to “Leave a Comment”. The first time it will ask you to Register. Just put your REAL NAME in as your User Name and then pick any password you want and you are thereafter able to post to the Flight Blog.

If you know how to use the RSS feed at the bottom of the page and have an RSS Reader on your computer you can use it to alert you to any changes here at Sky Surfing.


  • PHOTOS: Please limit the size of your photos to 640 pixels wide and let the vertical dimension fall where it may. Larger than that will just load up the system. If you have trouble with sizing photos let me know. Load the pictures you want in a post AFTER you have named the post. This will help ensure they go into a “Gallery” devoted to that post alone. If you don’t do this your pictures may end up in the General Media Dump and you will have a hard time locating them.
  • CATEGORIES: You can put your post into more than one category. These categories can also be thought of as “tags”. They help others find your piece. Also, if you put your name in the article it will help people located it. If you think there is a need for another category or sub-category, let me know what it is and why it needs to be added and I will consider adding it.
  • VIDEOS: You can embed a video link in your post. When you click the filmstrip looking icon at the top of the input page it will lead you through the process. It basically wants you to put your file on YouTube and link to it in your post.

If none of this helps or you have other questions, please call me at 316 634 1166