May 292011

In the future there will be businesses specializing in the creation of various holographic scenes from the past (our era). They will construct these scenes from the enormous amount of video and digital still pictures being gathered in our time.

These scenes will be projected 3 dimensionally into sets for live people to interact with. In some cases, audio will also be available and will be incorporated into the presentation.

Of great prize will be surveillance video of famous venues particularly if famous people are seen.

Skillful researchers and editors will find video of the ancestors of their clients. One use for this would be to have a wedding wherein the long-deceased relatives will attend side by side with the currently alive wedding party.

An outgrowth of this technique would be the ability to manufacture life-size, incredibly accurate copies of people long passed away. Maybe they would even be robotized and given the ability to walk, talk and interact.

I could go on but you get the idea.

Think about that!

Blue Skies & Tailwinds,

Brian FitzGerald