Sep 122010

Phil Ciholas hosted the September MAAG meeting at his Eagle Field northwest of Wichita on Saturday, Sept 11, 2010.  He provided a lunch of barbecue, potato salad, and beans.  Most of the usual suspects showed up as well as about five visitors.  Everyone had their fill of the goodies as well as some great desserts that some of the members brought.

It was interesting to see some planes that had not been at the Halstead Fly-In.  Some were Ed Merkel in his MkII:

Ed Merkel in his MkII making "Goodbye" pass

And there was Arlo Schroeder’s famous “Hawk Pshaw”.  The airframe was George Meyer’s “Li’l Tloot”, but Arlo painted it in the colors of the Curtiss P-6E and it has been a favorite since the ’60s.

The famous "Hawk Pshaw" attended

Terry Burger taxiing out for departure.

Terry Burger's K35 Bonanza

Luke Perry attended in his T-6.

Luke Perry's T-6

The Hangar

The really unique thing about Eagle Field, though, is its hangar.  It was once a movie theater.  At least the structure was.  When Phil heard that they were going to demolish the Crest Theater at Douglas and Oliver, he figured that the steel framework would be suitable for his hangar that he was getting ready to build.  He went to the demolition crew and made arrangements to purchase the steel framework.  The steel was trucked out to the field and Phil built his hangar with it.

The Hangar

This truss work inside the hanger came out of the old Crest Theater

Mike Rodriguez