Dec 182012

(a note from the editor: Living in Wichita I get to see the Dreamlifter on final to the Boeing Airfield with relative frequency. Last Summer one was displayed at the McConnell Open House and Airshow. I went and was able to wander under and around one of these impressive machines. I could walk upright underneath the fuselage. – Brian)

The Dreamlifter

I recently received this link on the Boeing 747-400 ( and dug thru my files to find the shots I took of what (I was told at the time) was the first of the four of them that were being (or were to be) built.

In the early morning haze (four years ago) this beast got pushed out from the static display area at Oshkosh and was then ‘tugged’ backwards to the north end of the runway to its takeoff position…