Sep 062015

New prop,  Let’s try it out!

I recently put a new Warp Drive prop on my Firefly. The wooden prop originally on the plane always seemed like it could use a bit more pitch. Adjusting the new prop took more patience and adjustments than I had imagined but I finally got it close to where I wanted it and gave up. By then the wind had come up and I am not sure I ready for that challenge yet.

A week or so later the weatherman said it should be nice and I decided to try a flight to Boyceville, WI.

Me and my Firefly
My Firefly and Me Selfie.


Looking Back
Looking south form the end of the New Richmond Regional Airport towards the town.


Looking South
A bit more of the East end looking south.


Big Barn
A long barn or pen with some kind of pond.


Glenwood Cemetery
A small cemetery just north of Glenwood City. It looks small but it appears to have space available.


Bale Barn
The “Round Bale Barn”.


Clouds and the big Antenna thing.


Boyceville Regional
Looking east through Boyceville, WI at the runway.


Boyceville, WI.
Looking back west at the town.


Boyceville Municipal
Here it is! Boyceville Municipal!!!.


Boyceville Memorial
Just outside of the airport they have a very nice memorial.


Boyceville Memorial
I was hoping for tasty gas station hot dog when I got here but the station didn’t have any so I had to settle for a candy bar and a pop.
The airport was quiet with no one around. I checked the gas and headed back to New Richmond.


School Track
The local school track.


Farm in Trees
A farm buried back in the trees.


Crop Circles
No story is complete without “Crop Circles”.


And back to New Richmond to end a fun flight around Wisconsin.

Keep Flyin’!