Tony Martinez'

Lenape Papoose


Tony's Radial

While interviewing Bill Koelling regarding his Cessna Airmaster (for "That They Might Fly Again" Part 2), we took a break. He said his buddy Tony Martinez, a spray plane operator, had something neat to see in his hangar. We walked over and saw his Lenape Papoose Radial Motor.
That day it was not running but later Bill sent me this movie they took and I combined it with some stills that I shot of their next Airmaster...

Click HERE to watch it.

Bill also had some great printed material about the history of the Papoose so I took some pictures of them.
If you click on these links, your browser or a graphic reader in your system should open them up. They are jpeg files:
Papoose 1
Papoose 2
Papoose 3
Papoose 4

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