Beginner's Guide to American

Amateur High Power Rocketry

A Beginner’s Guide to American Amateur High Power Rocketry is 2 hours and 29 minutes long and was FitzGerald's first release to DVD. Like his other productions, ABGTAAHPR consists of a series of in depth interviews with Rocketeers interspersed with music segments. During these interviews you will hear and see first hand what the sport is like from those with the Rocket Passion.
Although there are some professionals in the sport of amateur rocketry - mostly on the manufacturing and retail side - all the interviews in this movie are of 'regular folks'. But as you will find out - Rocket People are not your "Average Joes". You cannot fit them in one bag - except the one labeled I Love Rockets!.
ABGTAAHPR was shot over about a 6 month period. During this time two trips were made to cover two different Rocket events at the Argonia, Kansas site and one trip to Amarillo, Texas to cover an event there. Editing was complicated by the fact that FitzGerald decided mid-way through the project to release Rocketeers on DVD. As this was his first full length DVD release he encountered a number of hurdles that conspired to push back the release of the project. Overall, it was a 3 year effort from start to finish.
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