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    Decade of Thunder

    "Decade of Thunder" in the Director's Words

    "Decade of Thunder represents so much of what appeals to me about the America I grew up in. Power. Technology. Competition. Speed. Personality. Adventure. 'No Limits'. 'No Fear'. Expressive NOT Introspective. The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean sang about these cars."
    They all fit the magic 1963 - 1973 window, have 400+ cubic inches, are more or less 'Original' and are All American.


    ✯Bob Murguia & his '68 Hemi Roadrunner ✯Guy Lamoreau & his '70 Corvette 454 ✯Rick Plush & his '70 Chevelle SS 454 ✯Butch Dysart & his '67 Impala SS 427 ✯Earl Lauer & his '69 Shelby Mustang 428 ✯Muscle Cars ALL!

    Music Videos - The Romance

    Three bonus music videos provide flavor from Hot Rod events in Kansas.

    See the entire movie at this link:

    Decade of Thunder >Time: 1 hour 38 minutes 53 seconds

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    Bob Murguia & his '68 Hemi Roadrunner

    Hemi Details

    Bob Murguia is an American Marine Patriot who served with distinction in Viet Nam. After his training, Bob went on to become a Marine Machine Gunner and shipped off to Nam. During his tour there he was wounded on more than one occasion but did not leave the field during battle.
    After leaving The Corps, Bob spent some time getting to know America again. When it was time to enter the work force Bob became a lawman serving in various jurisdictions including the Wichita Police Force.
    If you ask 10 guys for the first thought that comes into their mind when you say "Muscle Car", probably 6 of them will say "Hemi". Bob's Hemi is a "driver". He takes it out on occasions and always drives it to the car shows he attends.

    See Bob Murguia's segment of "Decade" on YouTube at this link: Bob Murguia & his Roadrunner >Total Running Time: 14 minutes 53 seconds
    He drives the Roadrunner at this link: Bob Murguia & his Roadrunner >Total Running Time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

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    Guy Lamoreaux - '70 Corvette 454


    Guy Lamoreaux describes himself as an American who has not found anything in the European Automobile Inventory that can beat the American Muscle Car. He has a career in the Aerospace Industry. Except for the tires, which he exchanged for larger radials to improve handling and stopping, he keeps his 454 stock and original.
    During the car wars of The Decade of Thunder, cubic inches generally equalled power output. At the top of the power hierarchy is the LS 454. The sound of one starting up and pulling away is a thing of great beauty.

    Guy's segment of "Decade" is on YouTube at this link: Guy Lamoreaux - '70 Corvette 454 >Total Running Time: 12 minutes 36 seconds

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    Rick Plush and his 1970 Chevelle SS-454


    With his 1970 Chevelle SS 454, Rick has found his Dream Car. When you hear his story you will really appreciate the care and desire he has put into this machine. There are few Muscle Cars that have been restored to Original Condition to the extent of this beauty.

    You really need to see this spotless engine compartment. Matching numbers... original filters... Way better than when it came off the dealer's floor.

    Check out Rick's Chevelle on YouTube at this link: Rick Plush and his 1970 Chevelle SS-454 >Total Running Time: 14 minutes 37 seconds

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    Butch Dysart & his '67 Impala SS 427


    A Body and Fender Man by trade, Butch Dysart put all the art and craft he has learned from decades in the business into this immaculate Impala. Butch has coined a phrase "Super Original" to describe his restoration technique. He brings cars back to the way they "should" have been in the first place with as perfect "fit & finish" as you can get.
    The 427 Impala was sold in the day as a family car that you could take to the drags.

    Butch is in this segment of "Decade" on YouTube at this link: Butch Dysart & his '67 Impala SS 427 >Total Running Time: 18 minutes 31 seconds

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    Earl Lauer & his '69 Shelby Mustang 428


    One of the greatest names in racing - worldwide - is Carol Shelby. During the Muscle Car era he attached his name to the pony car that some say started it all - the Mustang. Earl has a prime example of this legendary vehicle and he still drives it on the street (on occasion).

    Earl is in this segment of "Decade" on YouTube at this link: Earl Lauer & '69 Mustang >Total Running Time: 21 minutes 32 seconds

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    Music Videos

    Art On Four Wheels

    The Music Videos in "Decade of Thunder":

    Augusta Musta (Done It Right) The Annual Augusta, KS. Car Show fills the rustic, brick laid Main Street with a fine mixture of Late Models, Classics, Kustoms and Rods. "UFM2" on YouTube. >Total Running Time:45 minutes 16 seconds

    Speak The Truth - Downtown Wichita, Kansas is host to Automobilia (the Largest, Free, Outdoor Car Show in the World) and the Orpheum Theatre Car Show. People come from all over. Part of "Decade", see it on YouTube. >Total Running Time:4 minutes 16 seconds

    What A Drag - There's nothing like a Drag Race where you can still get up close and personal like you can at the Ark City Drags. Situated on an historic WWII B-29 Airfield Runway, it is sweet! "What A Drag" on YouTube. >Total Running Time:2 minutes 56 seconds