Charlie Seibel

& The Cessna Helicopter


Charlie's Movie

Airplane Designer Charlie Seibel produced this interesting description and history of the Cessna Helicopter. I got this movie from my Buddy and Pilot Extraordinare, Doug Moler. I digitized it from his VHS tape. I do not think it is copyrighted so I am putting it HERE for public view.
(If anyone knows differently please inform me)
I believe this movie was produced by Seibel himself to show what he and his collegues at Cessna had accomplished. It is in the spirit of a tribute to this fine aircraft and its designer that I display it here for any and all to see.
There is also an excellent, in-depth article regarding the helicopter that you can see here.
If some weird Japanese site comes up, try pasting this link directly into your web address bar:
It will be well worth your time.

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