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This is the place for Movies about Ultralights, Vintage Aircraft, Muscle Cars and Amateur Rockets!
ALSO "Sky Surfing - The Flite Blog"AND The Sky Surfer's YouTube Channel

Ultralight Flying


From the 1990's to the present, the Art of Ultralight Flying is covered here. These are 'Long Form' Documentaries: Lots of Detail! No wonder they call "The Website That Launched A Thousand Ultralights".

Ultralight Flying

Point of View (POVs)

The Sky Surfer thought it would be cool to show Ultralight Flying from his point of view. So, he has hung from 6 to 8 cameras on his Ultralight and edited some Sky Safaris that put you in the plane right next to him.

Vintage Airplanes

"That They Might Fly Again"

A 3 Part documentary that introduces you to many interesting aircraft from the 1930's and 1940's. You will meet their owner/restorers to give their stories. Also you will see these Classics taxi and fly.

Muscle Cars

"Decade of Thunder"

Anyone who loves the sound of an American V8 Engine will enjoy this piece. Focused on The Decade that produced The American Muscle Car, you will meet the owner/restorers of some fine machines and see their cars up close and personal.


"American Amateur High Power Rocketry"

It DOES take a Rocket Scientist to participate in the higher echelons of this sport. Meet Amateur Rocketeers who design, build, test and fly their own high power rockets. These are no toys. Some are capable of climbing to 30,000 feet in the mere blink of an eye. A special cameo appearance is made by Quentin Wilson who was one of The Rocket Boys in the 1999 classic, "October Sky".

Sky Safaris!

Sky Surfing - The Flite Blog™

Photo/Journalism as it was meant to be. Travel with Brian (The Sky Surfer) as he visits small towns across The Great Plains for the first time. See these places through the Fresh Eyes of the The Sky Surfer. This is Real America up close and personal from the air and on the ground. The People, Homes, Businesses and Life Style that Big Time Journalism has foresaken.

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