That They Might Fly Again

Part 3

That They Part 3
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    That They Might Fly Again - Part 3

    "That They 3" Details

    Since FitzGerald's home town is Wichita - "The Air Capital of The World" it stands to reason Wichita's State - Kansas - is steeped in Aviation, too. That being the case, "That They - Part 3" was shot mostly in Kansas with the exception of a Music Video each shot in The Great States of Texas and Oklahoma.

    For this episode there are 2 new airplanes and their owners as well as a tour through the shop of noted Vintage Airplane Restorationist Marvin Hornbostel of Junction City, Kansas.

    Music Videos - The Romance

    This installment of "That They" features three different Music Video interludes. The first takes you to Fort Worth, Texas for the Annual "Spring Fling". The second, called "Paul's Valley", features the Annual Vintage Plane Fly-In from the town in Oklahoma of that name.

    The third Music Video is a special effort incorporating video shot over a two year span. Called "Volants Objets Métalliques" (French for "Flying Metal Objects"), this 27 minute Music Video is a tribute to WWII Warbirds. If you like the planes of World War II, this is for you.

    See the entire movie on YouTube at this link: That They Might Fly Again - Part 3 >Total Running Time: 2 hours 24 minutes.

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    Victor Riffel and his 1941 Boeing/Stearman PT-17

    1941 Stearman Details

    Important for this series are Vintage Airplanes owned by individuals with their "eyes on the skies". Guys who live to fly. Who caught the bug. Victor Riffel is one such man. He did not solo until middle age but ever since has continually moved onward and upward. To that end, he now owns a Classic Stearman AND has built a home right on the edge of a runway with a hangar for a garage. Every pilot’s dream.

    See this segment of "That They #3" on YouTube at this link: Victor Riffel and his 1941 Boeing/Stearman PT-17 >Total Running Time: 39 minutes 38 seconds

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    Kent Foster and his 1937 Fairchild 24

    1937 Fairchild Details

    Here we see Kent Foster making a pass in his beautiful Fairchild 24. Kent keeps his Fairchild in a "hangar on a hill" in The Flint Hills of Kansas outside Junction City.
    He keeps the original Warner Radial running smooth. Except for the tailwheel, the Fairchild's landing gear, struts and empennage are aerodynamically faired well.

    See this segment of "That They #3" on YouTube at this link: Kent Foster & his 1937 Fairchild 24 >Total Running Time: 46 minutes 19 seconds

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    Marvin Hornbostel & a Wing Project

    Marvin at work

    Marvin Hornbostel of Junction City, Kansas, restores classic airplanes. He has awards from the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the quality of his work.
    He is dedicated to "passing the torch" to the next generation. His EAA Chapter works with local youth on airplane building projects and helping them pursue a career in aviation should they so desire.

    See this segment of "That They #3" on YouTube at this link: Marvin Hornbostel-Master of Restoration >Total Running Time: 28 minutes 38 seconds

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    Classic Airplane Music Videos

    Music Video Details

    The designers of the Classic Era were influenced by Art Deco. This art movement is the basis for what we call the "Classic" look of this aeronautical era. To capture this kinetic beauty, I have assembled segments of these craft perching on the grass, taxiing over it and flying through the blue to the accompaniment of music.

    See "Spring Fling" on YouTube. The Great State of Texas is a country in itself, large enough to feature all manner of things, not the least of which is its sizeable Aviation Culture… One organization in the Lone Star State is "Greatest Generation Aircraft" of Fort Worth… I heard about their "Spring Fling" fly-in and went there to experience it.
    One thing you learn with regard to anything “Aviation” is that Weather is King… Good weather can make a great Flying Event – Bad Weather can ruin one… Spring Fling was dealt both hands… A thick fog closed the field for VFR traffic until just after 11 in the morning when it finally cleared away… While this dramatically lowered the expected Fly-In arrivals, there were enough planes on the field to make it interesting. <Total Running Time:6 minutes 15 seconds

    See "Paul's Valley" on YouTube. The annual Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma Antique Airplane Association Fly-In was a “Hundred PerCenter”. Even though it was quite windy, the turnout was good and the variety of aircraft impressive.
    Among the planes seen are a Howard, a Ryan STA, an SNJ, a Cessna "Mixmaster" FAC plane in Viet Nam Era colors and more. <Total Running Time: 7 minutes 17 seconds

    See "Volants Objets Metalliques" on YouTube. It is amazing that the conflict we know as World War II was, at least for America, declared, fought and won in the space of only 4 years time… Just considering the thousands of airplanes built to help the United States and its allies win that War - "Massive" is a paltry word to describe that effort! The title of this music video means "Flying Metal Objects" and was produced as a tribute to The War Effort To Protect Our Freedom. <Total Running Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds