That They Might Fly Again

Part 1

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    That They Might Fly Again - Part 1

    "That They 1" Details

    "That They Might Fly Again - Part 1" is a tribute to the Classic Aircraft that graced The Golden Age of Aviation. This was the era of aviation I call the Adolescent Period - near the beginning - before all the records had been broken. It was a time when airplanes had the mystique of spaceships. The greatest minds of engineering were concentrating their mental wattage on the various problems of aircraft structure, aerodynamics, propulsion and control yielding tremendous technical advances in a relatively short time span.
    Now in the 21st Century we have airplanes piloted robotically. Vertical takeoff jet fighters. Hypersonic flight will be a commercial reality. With all this it seems as if a cabal composed of media, politicians and technicians have joined together to eliminate "seat of the pants" VFR flying.
    As much as this movie is about these Classic Airplanes it is about men who still believe in Aviation for its own sake. They believe in the inherent value of the man/plane interface. These men have a great passion for flying and aviation history - an abiding interest to preserve this fine heritage for future generations. They believe we need to "Keep The Antiques Flying". I share that mission and hope that after seeing this movie you will catch the fever, too.

    See the entire movie on YouTube at this link: That They Might Fly Again - Part 1 >Total Running Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

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    Jim Clark & His 1939 Waco EGC-8

    1939 Waco Details

    Jim Clark has always loved airplanes and flying them. He is also an accomplished businessman who has built up a number of successful car dealerships. This success has allowed him to support his passion for aviation. Jim is going to show you his award winning 1939 Waco EGCH Custom Cabin. This plane has a mirror finish so shiny you can shave in its reflection.

    See this segment of "That They #1" on YouTube at this link: Jim Clark & His 1939 Waco EGC-8 >Total Running Time: 45 minutes 7 seconds

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    Ben Taylor & the 1938 Ryan STA

    1938 Ryan Details

    One of the premiere places on the planet when it comes to Antique and Classic Aviation is Blakesburg, Iowa - The home of the Antique Airplane Association. There I met the 3 generations of the Taylor Family who run it. I asked them what was their favorite airplane. It took a little doing because they have so many favorites but after some discussion they decided Ben would show us their 1938 Ryan STA.

    See this segment of "That They #1" on YouTube at this link: Ben Taylor & the 1938 Ryan STA >Total Running Time: 28 minutes 58 seconds

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    Robert Taylor - AAA Founder

    Interview Details

    Robert Taylor had a love of the Classic Aircraft and a dream to "Keep 'em Flying". Not content to leave it a dream, he created The Antique Airplane Association in Blakesburg, Iowa. That was back in the 50's and now it is home to a fine stable of aircraft and host of an annual Fly-In that attracts hundreds of aircraft every year. In this interview, Robert will show you around the library/resource center and present to you a

    "one of a kind" collection from a WWII Air Force you most likely never heard of before.

    See this segment of "That They #1" on YouTube at this link: Robert Taylor Interview >Total Running Time: 11 minutes 5 seconds

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    Larry Boehme & His 1943 Stinson Reliant

    Interview Details

    Larry Boehme will show you his beautiful Stinson Reliant. Dr. Boehme who spent a number of years as a Flight Surgeon in the Wisconsin Army National Guard prefers to be called Larry. I'm sure you have seen pictorial articles that purport to show the similarities between different breeds of dogs and their owners.
    Along that line I suggest to you that this elegant 1943 V-77 Stinson Reliant that Larry Boehme has restored from a basket case is the perfect match for this gentleman physician. This is the kind of plane that seems to be always dressed in a tuxedo.

    See this segment of "That They #1" on YouTube at this link: Larry Boehme Shows Stinson >Total Running Time: 18 minutes 15 seconds

    See this segment of "That They #1" on YouTube at this link: Larry Boehme On Aviation >Total Running Time: 8 minutes 5 seconds

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    Classic Airplane Music Videos

    Music Video Details

    One of the big reasons for the attraction of this era of aviation is what I call The Kinetic Sculpture Component. Even though airplanes must adhere to certain physical characteristics, the designers of the Classic Era were influenced by Art Deco. I believe this art movement is the basis for what we call the "Classic" look of this aeronautical era. To capture this beauty, I have assembled segments of these beauties perching on the grass, taxiing over it and flying through the blue. The music of The Big Band Era completes the portrait.

    See "Blakesburg" on YouTube. >Total Running Time: 10 minutes 26 seconds

    See "Grass Strip Still Life" on YouTube. >Total Running Time:4 minutes 33 seconds

    See "Stearmen Rule" on YouTube. >Total Running Time: 9 minutes 48 seconds