Take a Look at

The Pulsar

Take a Look at the Pulsar is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and was originally released on DVD.
Here is FitzGerald's rendition of The Pulsar Project
"One day I was reading the Calendar of Aviation Events in Kitplanes magazine. I saw that a group of Pulsar Owner/Builders was going to gather for a meeting. I had always thought the Pulsar was a solid, well-designed kitplane but I had never had the opportunity to see one in person. Greg Smith of St. Joseph, MO. was listed as contact. So, I emailed him and asked if he wouldn't mind me doing some interviews during their event. I could see what the Pulsar was all about and also produce a video that people might want to buy. Greg was very enthusiastic, got me the details and nine months later my son Jack and I spent three days with the Pulsar group."
If you have any interest in Sport Aviation, Kitplanes, Home Building and the like - this movie will help you immensely. As always, I "let the experts do the talking". In this case, the 'experts' are the owner/builders of the Pulsar (with the addition of the owner of the Pulsar Factory who talks about the Super Pulsar). I came away from this process very impressed with the Pulsar and I think you will, too. But, even if you don't get a Pulsar kit after watching the tape you will find much of relevence to help you know more about the Sport Aviation scene.
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