Mar 292013

Hello! I am Tomasz Królikowski and I live in Lodz Lublinek, Poland. My friends call me “Tomaszi”.  Aviation Photography is my passion. I love the roar of the jet engine and the spin of the propeller. This is my first post on Sky Surfing. I hope you like it. (Editor: More about Tomaszi HERE)

Airshow is opened!

Big IL-76 on the ramp

Mig-29 before the public

Every 2 years a huge international airshow takes place in Radom, Poland ( ). Over a 2 day weekend, over 100,000 people visit to see military helicopters and aircraft from other countries. Jets and military cargo aircraft arrived from Germany, Holland, Italy, Belorussia, the Ukraine and many other countries. There are ramp displays and many dynamic flights.

Above is a shot of the “Midnight Hawks“. They are a precision aerobatic team from Finland. I am a member of their Fan Club. ( )

Su-27 Belarusian-Air Force

Of course, an A-10 Thunderbolt

Formation “Grot” with Migas-29

A Grippen Tiger of the Czech Republic Air Force

Holland brought an F-16 ( I like this picture)

…and special akrobatic teams…

Mig-15 / Lim2

I close out this post with a classic Mig-15 in a high bank. It is owned by “The Foundation of Polish Eagles”. This is the only Mig-15 flying in Europe.

From Poland,