Jan 232011

If you’re old enough (and I qualify) you’ll remember that in Europe during World War II there was a

General George S. Patton Jr. who practically took Germany all by himself – he and his Armored Corp that is.

By capturing huge amounts of territory behind the retreating Germans, Patton’s tanks advanced unsafe

distances ahead of their supply lines and became hard pressed for fuel and other supplies which created

enormous logistical problems.

Then, the “Red Ball Express”


was ‘formed’ and the ‘18 wheelers’ of the time did their utmost to keep fuel arriving to Patton’s tanks.

I was surprised this last weekend to read the Kansas City Star article below about fuel being supplied

to the very fast moving tank columns BY AIR.  Wow, never heard of that one?  Maybe you hadn’t either?

Mr. Frank Spurlock (in the photo below) wrote this article in/for the K.C. Star and I hope you find it as

interesting as I did?  When you read the ‘numbers’ in his story, you’ll be impressed.


p.s. I do not know who gets the photo credit.